Ocksblog’s topics, interests and passions

It is difficult to summarise my interests, as they are broad, and you can expect to see a true miscellany of topics covered in this blog. Here I have tried to list them, splitting them into logical groups:

Nature, wildlife, landscapes, the environment,

Words, literature, poetry, novels, slang and etymology

History, cultures, places and peoples

Techno parties, raves,

This is a blurry (and yellowy bluey) me:

me picture

2 Responses to “Ocksblog’s topics, interests and passions”

  1. chucky0629 at 11:50 pm #

    Hello again:

    Thanks so much for the insight about my blog. I’ve restructured things a bit to allow replies (discovered an ‘allow comments’ button) and have teased out my postings (held open for comments for a month and then archived) to facilitate comments. Things do look a little more interactive now.

    If you don’t mind, there is one more hint you might funnel my way (I get no useful responses when I access ‘support’). Let’s say I log in and am ready to browse through newly posted or relatively recent poetry (you know, just looking around to see if anything catches my eye), what’s the best entry strategy (what buttons do I push)?

    I’ll manage subscriptoions to blogs I find suitable as the situations arise, but haven’t yet stumbled on the the best ‘overview’ MO.

    Your time is appreciated.

  2. ocksblog at 9:25 pm #

    hi again chucky,
    I will head across to your blog and check the new modified version out; I enjoyed the poetry I read while there last time as well.

    I’m not terribly up on how to use wordpress myself, but I slowly figure things out as I go along. I find a good starting point is to go from your dashboard, and click ‘Tag Surfer’ on the left hand side. Here you can type a tag and view the latest entries with that tag, so type ‘poetry’ and you will get all the newest poems people have uploaded. I usually have a browse this way, and if I find some I like I might then surf about clicking links on people’s blogrolls. If you are giving your poems tags they will pop up on the tag surfer feed too of course

    Happy to help!

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