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Jungle/dnb mix by me

23 Oct

Just thought I would mix things up a bit with another creation of mine: a jungley drum and bass mix. Obviously it isn’t really a creation of mine , I have merely arranged other people’s creations and beatmatched them as I go along. Still, I hope some of you will enjoy. Mixed strictly using vinyl on turntables, because they are coolest, and I am a luddite.



Lord of the Null Lines (Rmx) – Foul Play and Randall – Moving Shadow
Children of Israel – Terry T – Knowledge and Wisdom
The Agony – Brainskan Jungle – Brainskan
NG Tube – …Grizzly – Jungle Voodoo
Junglist in da Hood – Terry T – Knowledge and Wisdom
292.3 – Grizzly – Jungle Voodoo
The Chase – T Tech (Rmx) – Sound Artillery