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Wind? Haiku

4 Sep

The high-pitched whine of

wind outside the door….no, wait

did I leave the dog…?


Snow Hides. Haiku

7 Jan

Timeless white snow coats

earth cleanly, underneath bides

black modern tarmac.

snow sun peak district

Snow in the Peak District, Yorkshire, England. (By my mate Martyn Heath)

Just a snow poem as we have had probably the biggest snowfall for a decade here in South East England. It is beautiful snow, really light and crisp, not slushy or wet at all, and today the sky was bright blue , which made for beautiful photo-taking conditions. Unfortunately my camera broke (After just a few months. It had a ‘Zoom Error’ issue. It was a Fujifilm Finepix J20 – I shan’t be buying one of them again.) so I didn’t get any snaps, but I have uploaded a nice picture of a more rural snow scene up in hilly Yorkshire, taken by my friend Martyn a couple of years ago. This haiku relates more to urban snow, of course, so the picture isn’t 100 per cent relevant, but never mind, eh?

Pond Haiku

18 Aug

Green, green pond water,
the sun, and brown-feathered ducks
ripple its surface.