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Alone Under Streetlamps

30 Jul

A path through an empty park

At the end of day,

A lone walker in the dark

As streetlamps fend the night away.


The night air feels cold,

The wind’s caress is frigid

Life is fast, my soul feels old.

Streetlamps; silent, rigid.


People pass in yellow

light, wordless as required,

out in the night, exhausts bellow,

as I wander, weary but untired.


Lonesome and yearning, my hand

Grips my cellphone tight,

my friends are far away, and

yet they’re here: in my sight.


Phone: vibrate. Please, connect,

and bring companions to me here,

give life to my dreams, resurrect

those memories that sear


with happiness that’s heart-wrenching,

my hold on you won’t slip,

phone; please become a hand

And return my own hand’s grip.



This is a poem I wrote some time ago, on the theme of loneliness. Yes, I know loneliness as a concept is a bit overdone and cliched in poetry – we poor misunderstood poets like to indulge ourselves in somewhat vain laments at our aloneness in the world –  but at the time of writing this poem loneliness was the overpowering feeling in my life, living as a lodger in an unfriendly home in a dull small town where I had recently moved for work. I spent a lot of evenings wandering the quiet streets, smoking cigarettes, going to the newsagents, or going to buy beer; any excuse really to get out of the cabin-sized bedroom I was renting.

(it took me a while to try and get the metre and rhymes right for this. I normally don’t bother with them much. Anyone who reads this and has constructive criticism to give, please comment 🙂  )