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Your Red Sock

11 Aug

This morning when I awoke

the first thing I set eyes on

was your red sock.

The free airline sock

you dried your eyes on

(not having a handkerchief on the plane)

the first time we parted.


You mailed it to me afterwards

as a memento,

and sometimes I smell it

hoping to catch some lingering trace

of your deep soul in the tears

soaked into it.


Now your head/your heart/your God

tells you what we have is wrong

and I will have you never;

nothing more of you than

this little red sock,



I could use it myself now

to dry my own tears,

but my pride tells me

that would be absurd.


This is a draft version, which I might tighten up and change at some point. I wrote it in March this year after I was dumped by a girl I had been having a transatlantic relationship with. I guess it is just one of those lost love poems that get written by a lot of people –  there is no experience like lost love to inspire poetic musings! I have since got back with the girl though (hurrah! In fact I am in America with her now) so perhaps I will write a cheerful ‘love regained’ one at some point.

All comments appreciated, especially as I’m looking to rework this one a little.